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(A Two Years Full Time Course of The University of Pune & Approved by AICTE, Govt. of India)

Available at:

  • ASM's IBMR (Chinchwad, Pune) DTE Code: 6102
  • ASM's IIBR (Pimpri, Pune) DTE Code: 6249
  • ASM's IPS (Pimpri, Pune) DTE Code: 6166

Institute Name Institute Code Choice Code Intake
ASM's Institute of Business Management & Research (IBMR) (First Shift) Chinchwad, Pune 6102 610210110 120
ASM's Institute of Business Management & Research (IBMR) (Second Shift) Chinchwad, Pune 6102 610210120 120
ASM's Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) (First Shift) Pimpri, Pune 6166 616610110 120
ASM's Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) (Second Shift) Pimpri, Pune 6166 616610120 60
ASM's Institute of International Business and Research (IIBR) Pimpri, Pune 6249 624910120 120
ASM's Institute of Management & Computer Studies (IMCOST) Thane, Mumbai 3125 312510210 120

MBA Course at ASM Group Institutes, is one of the 'coveted' programs for achieving proficiency in all areas of Business Management & Administration credentials.

The MBA programme prepares a student for a domestics and global careers in diverse sectors of the industry. The MBA programme facilitates learning in theory and practice of different functional areas of management and equips the students with an integrated approach to various functions of management. However, the demand of managerial skills is not limited to the industry. Managerial talent is much sought by the government sector. NGOs, non-corporate-sector as well. Institutes, Faculty and students need to move away from the excessive focus on industry and look at needs and demands of broader sections of the society. Likewise entrepreneurial perspective of job and wealth creation with a social context also needs to be integrated into various aspects of the programme.

Eligible students can also apply for direct admissions at the institute level by mailing all the testimonials for verification and attend the PI conducted by the institute.

The eligibility for admissions shall be defined by the competent authority viz. AICTE/DTE Maharashtra state for the relevant academic year.

The functional Groups available are:

Students of MBA have to undertake an industrial project of two months duration in the area of their specialization i.e. Finance, Systems, Marketing etc. The project may be taken up during summer vacation after Semester II. On completion the student will have to submit a Project Report based on the University of Pune Guidelines.

Students with MBA degree can aspire to join organisations as Trainee Managers in their choice of area like marketing, finance, HR etc. and climb up to reach the posts of senior managers in their respective departments. Students with a flair for entrepreneurship can start their own business concern.

Download MBA Syllabus 2013


Table IV – A: Generic Core Courses
Courses Code Generic Core Courses
101 Accounting for Business Decisions
102 Economic Analysis for Business Decisions
103 Legal Aspects of Business
104 Business Research Methods
105 Organizational Behaviour
106 Basics of Marketing
201 Marketing Management
202 Financial Management
203 Human Resource Management
204 Decision Science
205 Operations & Supply Chain Management
206 Management Information Systems
301 Strategic Management
302 Enterprise Performance Management
303 Startup and New Venture Management
304 Summer Internship Project
401 Managing for Sustainability
402 Dissertation

Following Specializations shall be offered:
1. Marketing Management (MKT)
2. Financial Management (FIN)
3. Information Technology Management (IT)
4. Operations Management (OPE)
5. Human Resources Management (HR)
6. International Business Management (IB)
7. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
8. Rural & Agribusiness Management (RABM)
9. Family Business Management (FBM)
10. Technology Management (TM)