What Educational Facilities Should You Look for in Management Institutes?

These days in Pune, a young student looking at a Masters degree in Management will find a plethora of institutes in and around the city. And choosing the best one can be a trying task. Usually, most people look at the institute’s credentials, the degree in question, and the faculty. Although important, it is also […]

Why Are Industrial Visits Important for Management Students?

If you ever thought about management graduates, you would probably assume that they are well-settled professionals who land well-paying jobs in respectable companies. After all, a management degree is the key to landing a cushy job, right? Well, that is not entirely true. These days, you will find many instances of numerous management graduates, who […]

Are You Ready for ASM’s INCON 2015?

The Audyogik Shikshan Mandal (ASM) Group of Institutes has always made immense efforts to create a bridge between academicians, educational institutes, and corporate and Government officials. Now, ASM is taking their efforts to new heights with INCON – International Conference 2015. What is INCON? The 10th edition of a chain of conferences organized by ASM […]

ASM Provides Financial Assistance to Bring Quality Education to its Students

Since its inception over 30 years ago, the Audyogik Shikshan Mandal (ASM) Group of Institutes has consistently met the needs of corporate organizations by providing them with knowledgeable, experienced, and creative professionals who can add to the value and excellence of the organization. Being a top b School in Pune, ASM Group of Institutes has […]

How Job Fairs by Educational Institutes are Helping Women Workforce

Job fairs are perhaps the best events where companies, students and professionals can meet on neutral ground. Companies can meet the candidates face-to-face and get a first-hand understanding of their skills and abilities. Candidates have opportunities to provide their resumes to a variety of companies. Educational institutes have realized the impact job fairs have on […]

ASM Group of Institutes Presents the Exclusive ‘Job Fair for Women 2014’

Job fairs are the best events for students and professionals to look for job opportunities. The popularity of this event has led many educational institutes to take the initiatives to organize job fairs for their students as well as professionals in the general public. ASM Group of Institutes is one of the leading institutes in […]

What are the advantages of ASM Group of Institutes, Pune

Why do students in Pune and also from other parts of the country preferring to pursue higher studies from ASM Group of Institutes? There are several reasons behind this wide acceptance of ASM institutes in the minds of today’s youth. Some of them are, but not limited to, dynamic course curriculum, practical oriented teaching, advanced […]

Boost your Career with MCA Course in Pune University

The field of Information Technology is growing at a faster rate leaving exciting career opportunities to professionally qualified personnel. IT sector requires a large number of knowledgeable and well rounded professionals who can plan, design and build complex commercial application software and system software. To occupy top most positions in the IT sector, Master in […]

ASM Publications

ASM, the center of excellence and quality education, has initiated several ventures to make our students’ learning acquisition effective and supreme. All such endeavors provided our students with excellent practical exposure rather than mere class room learning. Know in Brief about ASM’s Publications Rather than fully concentrating on providing mere theoretical learning to students, the […]

What Makes ASM-CSIT Widely Accepted as the Top BBA College in Pune?

The mushroom growth of management schools in India has resulted in the substantial degradation of the standard of education in India. It is sad to admit the fact that, many of the colleges in India are functioning merely with a business-oriented mindset rather than with a mission of providing quality education. However, ASM Group of […]


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